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Tools for Citrix® Administrators

Self-Service Session Reset

Extend session reset capability to end users and eliminate help desk calls to reset hung XenApp® (version 6.x - 7.x) and XenDesktop® (version 7.x) sessions.

XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x

This application can be run as a published XenApp® application or installed on any domain-joined desktop to enable user-driven self service session reset for both XenApp® and XenDesktop® sessions. Note that users accessing this app will need remote Powershell execution and session enumeration/reset privilege on your XenDesktop® broker(s). See the instructions posted here. Compatible with XenDesktop® and XenApp® 7.x

XenApp 6.x

Publishing this application to your users allows them to perform self service XenApp® session reset.  Note that users accessing this app will need to be granted session enumeration/reset privilege.  To accomplish this create a custom administrator group with only "Reset Sessions" and "View Session Management" permissions enabled in the "Servers" node of the custom administrators XenApp® management console dialog (click here for example) Compatible with XenApp® 6.x

Published Application Idle Timeout (Beta now available)

XenApp 7.x

Ever wish for the capability to apply session idle disconnect and disconnected session timing policies to XenApp® published applications? Now you can! Whether it's for application security, software licensing compliance or other application-specific needs this utility eliminates the need to create separate sites/farms for enforcing differing idle/disconnect session policies. Download setup instructions here


XenApp 6.x

Lightweight Citrix farm session search / shadowing utility.


XenApp/XenDesktop 6.x, 7.x

Simple tool for immediately disconnecting the current user's Citrix XenApp® or XenDesktop® session.  Three modes of operation 1) run "QD.exe" to display a GUI that allows a user to click a disconnect button and persists between disconnect/reconnect events 2) run "QD.exe /DISCONNECT" as a command line which runs a single time in the background to disconnect the current session. 3) run "QD.exe /EJECT" to disconnect and logout a user's session.  Designed to cultivate the end user perception of an "instant" logoff.